Angel’s Element

Angel’s Element is an “in the works” prequel to The Immortal Wars series detailing the tragically short lives of Kitty’s parents: Moriah and Xraken. Readers can follow along online as chapters are updated.

Moriah is a Heavenly Emissary: a guardian angel. She is sent to earth to try and help a young, troubled girl named Grace navigate through the treacherous waters of addiction, depression, and a difficult relationship with her mother. Moriah seems well on her way to helping her human friend achieve total recovery. But her destiny is about to change.

Xraken is an Elemental: a breed of immortals with powers directly affected by Earth, Wind, Fire, or Water. He is the Lyski class; a private, strict, stoic clan of immortals with the ability to transform into giant, lethal animals. Xraken is the top hunter for his clan, but that doesn’t seem to impress the love of his life, Tanika. But Xraken has a secret–a secret that could get him exiled.

Shyamal is a demon, and the brother of the powerful warlord Itzal. He has been carefully placed into a mission to capture a heavenly Emissary for one of Itzal’s grandest schemes. The problem is, Shyamal has been smitten by her beauty, grace, and charm. Torn between the horror of actually condemning her to hell or condemning himself to death if he fails his brother, Shyamal must make a choice: Love or Duty?

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