Heaven Bound | Hell Hunted

Voted into the Top Five on inkpop.com in September 2011, Heaven Bound, Hell Hunted was reviewed by Harper Collins as being “a vibrant fantasy world and a capable female protagonist who isn’t afraid to be tough on her enemies—and her friends—when she needs to be. The plot is exciting and emotionally intense, coupled with the classic combative personalities who evolve into lovers.”

Heaven Bound, Hell Hunted opens The Immortal Wars saga.

Heaven commands an illegally-born immortal to retrieve the High Ambassador’s truant half-angel son from the human world as Heaven balances on the brink of war with Hell.

Kitty is a Slayer: a profession of heavenly immortal trained by the International Immortal Confederacy to hunt and kill vampires, demons, and other monsters. However, she is an unsanctioned immortal hybrid – a class of immortal forbidden by Heaven’s strict procreation laws. This puts her at the mercy of the Heavenly Council, which orders her to venture into the human world to retrieve the son of their High Ambassador, Storm, who has failed to make a rendezvous with the heavenly ambassadors after a visit to Earth. Storm is a highly celebrated, prestigious immortal known for the shining color of his blood.

Kitty has a years-long prejudice against immortals like Storm, but the two of them must learn to tolerate each other as Heaven spirals toward an inevitable war against Hell. Hell has issued a demand–for the delivery of Kitty to their army–but no one knows why. Storm and Kitty face struggles both inside and outside Heaven’s domain while trying to stay true to themselves, and ultimately, each other.